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Stockwell Primary

Stockwell Primary

Year 6 School Journey

The children happily arrived at Marchants Hill on Tuesday 6th February 2018. 

The staff have been updating Mr Bardouille with how excited the children have been when participating in the different activities. The excitement has also been apparent with children talking about sharing a room with their friends and how they feel independent. 

The children had some form of orientation and then had some food afterwards.


The children had some activity, which is more Geography based. It focuses on map reading and finding locations within the PGL camp. Children played some dramatic roles running to different cardinal points such as north, south, east, south east etc. They also had to follow clear instructions in order to locate certain places at the camp.
This activity is called Survival. Children were provided with some basic tools and they had to think creatively and innovatively to create their own tools, shelter, fire and think of how to get water. They learnt how many days human beings can go for without food, water and shelter. The activity was child led and promoted team building. Children are beginning to bond and make new friends.
This activity is called the Trapeze. The children had to climb the pole to jump off whilst trying to hit the hanging balloon. Most of the children were sceptical to go on it but they eventually did. The aim of the activity is to promote self awareness, confidence, grit or perseverance. The children found it very exciting and even though they were scared they conquered their fears following instructions by listening carefully.

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