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Stockwell Primary

Stockwell Primary

Year 6 School Journey Blog

Year 6 and Year 5 children happily arrived at Marchants Hill yesterday (Tuesday 9th February 2016). 

The staff have been updating Mr Bardouille with how excited the children have been when participating in the different activities. The excitement has also been apparent with children talking about sharing a room with their friends and how they feel independent. 

We started off our day meeting our group leader Liam. Then we walked through the woods looking at the different activities we were doing throughout the week.  

Then we had a game of hide and seek in the woods. Can you spot the children?



Liam gathered us around this picturesque view. When we screamed Stockwell Primary School, birds flew out of their nest and we could clearly hear our echo.




At 5 we sat down as a family for dinner. The food was fantastic and everyone ate all their food and behaved perfectly.



To finish off the day we played AMBUSH in the pitch dark woods for two hours. We divided into two groups and silently hid waiting for the other group to find us. Luckily Luckily both teams drew with a score of 3-3. (Terrible Flash)




Day Two 

 After a quick toilet break we headed off to the giant swing. We put on our safety equipment and before we knew it other children were working as a team to pull the children as high as they wanted up to the treetops.

Everyone was extremely brave and helpful. Check out how high Ulrich and Miguel got.





After lunch we were separated into different groups for raft building. We raced as teams to see which team could get ready the quickest. It was very close. We declared our love for the paddles and headed to the water. Each team decided to build a 3x3 raft so that it would stay balanced in the water. After various knots and a lot of team work the children’s rafts were ready.

Once they hit the water the teams had to carry out various tasks like gather as many ‘ducks’ as possible. Only a few children fell in the lake but they showed great sportsmanship by jumping back on the raft again.

Finally the teams deconstructed their rafts and headed back to the cabins to dry off and get ready for dinner.






Day Three 

After breakfast, we headed off to zip wire, it was quite challenging as it was a long way down-15 feet off the ground!

The children were really brave and all zipped down the wire!


After lunch, we went on Jacob’s ladder- it was a lot harder than we thought it would be! We had to use all our arm strength to try and climb to the top- ‘heaven’!



We have a girl climbing up the powerfan ( a large pole), each time going higher.



On the Jacob’s creek again, this brave girl climbed all the way to the top!


 To find out more about Marchants Hill click here.

We will try and upload photographs when we can but the children are having too much fun!