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We welcome everyone to the events section for the Stockwell Primary School website. Our aim is to keep you all informed of everything that has taken place and what's coming soon!

Welcome To Black History Month


Started with a bang at Stockwell Primary School! To start us off, we had a wonderful assembly led by the Head of School about some of the contributions black people have made in Britain. Following that, Key Stage 1 children had a Dance Workshop where they highlighted dance movements from Ghana. Children showed their love from this movement by saying, “I just love dancing to African music". And “That was so much fun". Years 3 and 4 had a brilliant time playing the drums. The drumming workshop was fantastic and the children had the time of their lives. I think is something that we should repeat next year. Denver (the gentleman running the workshop) was brilliant with the children and taught them how to play the Jembe with different techniques.  First they've tried different sounds but at the end the children were able to play a small sequence! And they did it brilliantly. At last, we were saluted for our fantastic behaviour!

Use the link below to view our recent event.

Science Museum: Click Here to see a write up about Year 5's recent trip to the Science museum

During our science week at Stockwell Primary School Children demonstrated some amazing science. Here is a selection of the activities they planned:  Science Week Performance

School Assembly

1B Celebrated National Storytelling Week (15th February 2019)                                 

3A Assembly How The Tiger Got His Stripes ( 8th March 2019) 

3B Class Assembly (Red Nose Day) (15th March 2019)  


Coffee Morning  

Governors Vision Coffee Morning (14th November 2019)