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SHINE Project

For most young people the prospect of waking up early to attend school on a Saturday morning would be their worst nightmare. However, this is not true for the group of 60 young people, in years 4-6, from our cluster primary schools that are choosing to do this, for 10 Saturdays each term, as part of the SHINE @ the BLC project.


SHINE @ BLC is provided by the schools in the Brixton Learning Collaborative Cluster, the SHINE charity and The Walcott Foundation. The project is designed to support children in improving their literacy, numeracy and knowledge of the world in a creative way, while providing children with learning opportunities that are not always available at school.


At SHINE children learn in different ways, we are not a Saturday school, as a matter of fact our aim is to be very different from school! We put fun and engagement at the heart of learning and enhance learning by giving students different experiences which include visits to places in and outside of London. Children are selected by their school to attend the project and pupils are expected attend every week.


This project has been running for 4 years and it is primary aim is to improve the education outcomes for targeted students who attend the BLC primary schools. The project’s sponsors sponsor many similar projects across London and in the North of the country.


The children who are selected to attend the project benefit from learning about many different topics these include: Enchanted forests; Shakespeare and Elizabethan London; Worlds of Imagination; Fashion and more recently Dungeons and Dragons. The children have visited places such as Warwick Castle, The Globe theatre, Thorpe Park and  Stubbers  Adventure Centre, where they were taught archery and took part in a high rope challenge. Tarrick Bartley, a SHINE student, had this to say about his time at SHINE. “Activities at SHINE are messy and fun, we always have exciting stuff to do. I like it when we go out and when the teacher’s make us laugh. It’s not like school.”


Should you have any questions or need any further information about the project, please feel free to contact Lisa Bogle, Project Manager, on 07854350932.