At Stockwell Primary School we believe that there needs to be consistency across the school in the way behaviour of children is managed and that provision is put in place to promote a positive environment.


  • To ensure that the schools in the Jessop Stockwell Federation provide a safe and secure environment with clear school rules.
  • To provide a positive and consistent approach to behaviour management encouraging high standards of work and behaviour.
  • To ensure that all children can become successful learners by developing self-respect, self-control, respect for others and accountability for their own behaviour.
  • To promote a positive ethos through encouraging a shared understanding of values.
  • To develop a partnership between school and home to encourage high standards of behaviour.
  • To identify and challenge inappropriate behaviour and provide alternative strategies to manage this.

Who is responsible for the management of behaviour?

  • The class teacher has the main responsibility for the behaviour of the class.
  • All staff at Stockwell Primary School.
  • The pupils.
  • The parents.
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