Upper Key Stage 2

Phase Leader UKS2

Rachel Kelleher

Year 5

Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 5 Learning Update!

English- We have been exploring the story of the Highwayman and having so much fun. We
have been writing a letter to the Highwayman from Bess this week and next week we will start our journey on biographies – starting with writing one about our friends in class.

Maths – We have been continuing our fractions journey and adding fractions with different
denominators. We know all about improper fractions, mixed fractions and how to add them all.

Science – We have begun our Science topic about the earth and Space. We went on an amazing trip where we got to sit back (in very comfy seats) and look up at the ceiling where we could see a space show about all of the planets.

Art & DT – We are beginning a new D&T unit where we will be making our very own cam toys. We have been researching about Cam Toys this week and experimenting next.

Humanities – We continue look at History through the ages of the Stone Age to the Anglo Saxons. We have written ads for a house in Skara Brae learning all about the geographical
features of it. Next week it’s all about Anglo Saxon invaders.

Year 6

Autumn Term Knowledge Organiser – 2023-2024

The latest Year 6 Learning Update!

In Literacy, the children will explore range of setting description and will learn to identify how a setting changes through a narrative.

In Maths, we will continue our learning of fractions and will closely focus on how to divide fractions and find fractions of an amount.

In Science, the children will investigate the relationship between voltage and the brightness of a bulb.

In DT, the children will investigate electrically powered motor vehicles.

The 6 team would like to remind you that children should bring their PE kits to school and not come in wearing them and homework should be back by Tuesday latest to streaming teachers.