Modern Foreign Language

At Stockwell, Spanish is taught as a discrete subject. Each class has a weekly timetabled slot with our specialist Spanish tutor who delivers a bespoke language curriculum to the children. Our language curriculum is designed to develop the skills of the children and repetition is planned for in order to support with language acquisition.

The children begin their journey as language learners in Nursery and this journey continues up to Year 6. They begin by learning Spanish in a fun and engaging way, through songs and games. This continues to be developed and by the time they reach Year 6, they are using their knowledge to speak and write in sentences with a focus on grammar.

At Stockwell, we feel it is important to create opportunities to learn about the culture of Spanish speaking countries and by writing letters to children in Spain, we can learn about the similarities and differences in the world around them. We also feel it is important to monitor the progress made by the children. We have created an assessment tool in order to assess the language skills acquired by the children, we use this to inform our planning and to ensure that the children are successful language learners.

Additionally, we feel it is important to celebrate the languages in our communities and as such, we have a Language of the Month. This provides the children with information about different countries around the world as well as learning greetings that we then use to take the register.