Children in the Nursery should wear comfortable, loose clothing which is easy to pull up and down, such as t-shirts, jogging pants and school sweatshirt. Please do not send your child in clothes which are difficult to manage. Dungarees and trousers with buttons/belt (or buttons on shirt sleeves) are very difficult for little ones to undo, especially when desperate for the toilet. Your child will be happier and more confident if they are able to dress/undress themselves. Please ensure your child wears comfortable shoes with fastenings they can manage themselves.

In the Nursery, your child will need a set of clothes in a named bag. Accidents do sometimes happen and, if it is not a case of getting to the toilet too late, it could be over-excitement in the water play!

If your child needs to borrow any items of clothing from the Nursery, please return them as soon as possible, washed and ready to wear.

Main School

We believe that the wearing of school uniform adds to the sense of community which should prevail in a school. The children look neat, attractive and not over or underdressed.

I am pleased to be able to tell you that Stockwell’s School uniform is now available to order online from WearAbouts.


  • Blue school sweatshirt or fleece with school logo
  • White  shirt
  • Blue trousers (long or short)
  • Sensible black shoes
  • Summer: Collared T shirt or similar (white)


  • Blue cardigan or school sweatshirt with school logo
  • White shirt/blouse
  • Blue skirt, pinafore dress or trousers
  • Sensible black shoes
  • Summer: blue striped/checked dress or blue skirt; white blouse/shirt
  • Girls may wear small stud earrings, wristwatches and suitable headwear.
  • No pupils are allowed to wear rings, bracelets or necklaces
  • Girls may also wear a black headscarf.

Sports Kit

Sports kits should be brought into school on Mondays and taken home on Fridays for the weekend wash. All items should be clearly labeled. The School cannot take responsibility for items that go missing.

Winter Sports Kit (From October half term to spring term)

  • Blue or black tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain white T shirt
  • Trainers (suitable for a range of sports activities. It is unsafe for children to wear their school shoes during PE lessons)
  • Infant and Nursery children should wear easy to fasten trainers.

Summer Sports Kit (From Spring second half term to October half term)

  • White shorts
  • Plain white T shirt
  • Trainers (suitable for a range of sports activities. It is unsafe for children to wear their school shoes during PE lessons)

If children do not have their sports kit, they will be given second hand kits to wear. It is vital to note that PE/sports are a compulsory lesson and an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum. It is the responsibility of families with children to remember their sports kit.