The Sleep Charity-Tired of Being Alone Campaign

What is the Children’s Sleep eBook and the ‘TiredOfBeingAlone’ campaign?

Supported by Dunelm, The Sleep Charity has launched a brand-new Children’s Sleep eBook as part of its ‘Tired of Being Alone’ campaign to support parents and carers who have a child/children that struggle to get good quality sleep. It’s a helpful guide that shows how common sleep issues, that parents are not alone and that help and support is available.

When we have children, we expect there to be some disrupted nights. Unfortunately for some families the sleepless nights can continue for months and even years. Parents can feel isolated, lonely and often judged.
That’s why our eBook is part of our ‘Tired of Being Alone’ campaign. We want to reassure those who are affected with children’s sleep difficulties that there is help available, and that things can change.

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